What started as an easy way to keep family and friends connected throughout my travels has slowly become a bit of a growing hobby and it’s finally time to upgrade from my original blog that I created on a whim.  I guess you could say that as I’ve grown and “evolved” throughout this year of adventure so far, so has the life of my blog.  I have come to recognize how unique my situation is, not just in general, but even among most travelers as well as fellow “yachties” and as a result, it seemed an interesting idea to share my experiences on a grander scale.  Originally, I was against the idea of a blog as I considered it to be a bit self-centered and pretentious (sorry, it’s just how I felt!).  However, I’ve carved my own path in my search to see the world that I’m now both proud of, and eager to share.  In the past year since i’ve left home, so many people have reached out to inquire about, commend, and even exalt my adventures in life and work that I no longer feel shy about sharing my experiences.  So thank you to my followers and everyone who’s been with me both physically and spiritually for helping both my blog and I evolve! (you can still check out my original blog amj658.blogspot.com for past posts, which hopefully i’ll be transferring here very soon!)

also during this year away, i’ve perfected the art of “selfies”…


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