They say ignorance is bliss; I call bullshit.  I’d rather know firsthand what it’s like to stand at the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge with friends from near and far looking out at the best view of the city imaginable; or how incredible authentic Italian gelato in Tuscany tastes that you just can’t help but go back for thirds (yes, thirds) in the same day; or one of my personal favorites, the feeling of being anchored in the middle of nowhere with no civilization for miles that at night the only thing to break the pitch black surroundings are the stars that shine brighter than anywhere else you could imagine, just like the early explorers used to see them.

the flattering jumpsuits are my favorite part of this picture… also the fact that Mandy and I look like we are dating

I’m even okay with discovering that Bali isn’t exactly the island jungle paradise that I had once imagined.  I’d rather have found out these things for myself than spend my life wondering, or even worse, not caring.  Hearing about these experiences is nice too I suppose, but why not live it?  I’ve never been satisfied with secondhand accounts.  If I think something sounds that great, I want to make it happen for myself.  That’s also the funny thing about traveling- the more you see, the more you want to see.  I’ve seen some things that I never thought I would recently- even just being in Asia is something I never thought would happen- but it’s just made me realize that the possibilities are literally endless.  It’s the most amazing thing to realize that you really can do and see anything you want to if you want to badly enough.  Now that’s bliss.


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