Sometimes my days off are as boring as anyone else’s.  Seriously, today I had breakfast, cleaned and vacuumed my room, scrubbed my bathroom until it was spit shine clean and then topped it all off with a few rounds of laundry.  Just because I live on a boat and travel around the world, it doesn’t mean i’m exempt from annoying daily chores, bummer.  Seriously though, check out this gleaming white bathroom.

also, please note the towel folds. this is serious business

…Wait, I almost forgot that I’m meeting my friend Ena from college (a fellow Alpha Phi) for dinner and drinks tonight in Chinatown.  Cheers to seeing a familiar face on the other side of the world.  Okay, the chores don’t seem so bad anymore, I’ll keep this life. 🙂

just casually ironing some pillowcases


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