Adrenaline in Sentosa

Sometimes I crave a healthy dose of adrenaline (much to my mother’s dismay). Today was one of those days. Sentosa Island, right at the bottom tip of Singapore is an infamous tourist trap filled with theme parks, resorts and costly activities, but I was snared when I saw they had an adventure site complete with zip lining, ropes courses, parajumping, trapezing, and a rock climbing wall.  I opted for the zip lining and ropes courses but through clever marketing, I was convinced to add the parajump as well.  It wasn’t the cost that had me opting out originally, but for 5$ more, I could push my fearful limits.

all strapped in and ready to go!

The zipline was AWESOME.  I was lucky because I was on my own I didn’t have to wait in like like the rest of the groups who wanted to go together (YES to being independent).  Although at the same time that robbed me of the pre-jump jitters, which I guess was a good thing.  Ziplining through the trees and over the beach provided great views and it was an incredible rush, I highly recommend it.  In fact, I saw many groups immediately going back for seconds (they offer a highly discounted rate for repeat offenders).

nowhere to go but down

Next up was the ropes course.  There were three levels to the ropes course; each one higher and more difficult.  I wanted to start off on the second level, but it was recommended that I try the first.  Having never done one before I agreed, also considering you are allowed to go twice.  I zipped through that thing like nobody’s business and the staff member was genuinely surprised that I made it through so quickly.  We both agreed that I was third level material.  I climbed on up and HOLY SHIT it was high.  Not like, “I’m on the fifth floor of a building safe and sound in my room” but instead, “I’m five stories up walking on a tightrope that’s higher than the trees and has the stability of a newborn giraffe.” If you must, take this moment to go and google newborn giraffes. so cute, yet so wobbly.  Once I decide I’m going to do something though, I’m all in.  You should also know that when I climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge I was shaking and held hands with my friend the entire time.  Also, I never. looked. down. (okay when we were at places on the bridge where I felt safe I did, but on those grated scaffold- like parts, hailll no) Basically, this third level ropes course was my own little Everest.  I had further incentive also in the form of two men  on the level below me (haha level two babies) and I never miss a chance to show up the boys.  Ask my mom about my first high dive experience- she’ll tell you.  (girls rule!)  ANYWAY, I obviously made it around, just with a lot more difficulty, a few minor rope burns, and with about five years tacked off of my life span from stress, but that’s neither here nor there.  Also, I lapped the boys on the level below me so it was all worth it.


way too high to be walking on a balance beam

Last up was the parajump.  I figured after a bit of a workout from the ropes course it would be best to save the jump for last as a sort of winding down.  Or maybe it’s because I was secretly hoping maybe I would just “forget” to do it.  Yeah right, I paid five extra dollars for it, like I would forget that.  This time I was up on the level with all of the people waiting to do the zipline.  A whole crowd of people watching the crazy girl by herself jump off a platform, exactly what I was hoping for (I really hope you can sense the sarcasm).  I literally had to face them all staring at me in horror while I was strapped in and hooked onto the cord.  This did WONDERS for my anxiety.  Oh well, time to show these strangers that this girl’s got big kahones.  1,2,3 and down I went with a simple step off the platform.  And you know what? It had NOTHING on the ropes course.  The pre-jump jitters were substantial, but it really wasn’t bad at all.  However, with a healthy round of applause from my new fans, I totally played the role of the casual daredevil.

this one was killer

By this point, I was thinking that I needed maybe just a little bit more of a boost as the adrenaline high was wearing off.  And GUESS WHAT? Sentosa Island is also home to the “world’s first largest themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving”.  Well, that sounds like just the thing I was looking for!  Upon entering the building, you can watch professionals and beginners in rotation practicing formations and learning the basics.  It’s incredible marketing, the crowd was mesmerized and the ticketing computers were just within arms reach.  Unfortunately, there were no more time slots available, but the good news is, if you wait for a weekday or for any other off-peak time, you can save anywhere from $15-$50. Okay, okay, SOLD.  Long story short, by the end of this week I will let you all know firsthand what a rush it is 🙂 Check out to look into it for yourself!


i’m coming for you…


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