Throwback: Adventures in Getting to the Airport (Also known as KL: Part 1)

So I said that I would be transferring my posts from my old blog onto this one, unfortunately that means I have to add them as new posts.  For many of you though who never saw my old blog, this is new so really who cares?  (Although the disclaimer will make sense when you see my opening line says that I’ve been absent.)  Anyway, I present to you “KL: Part 1” (Originally written August 23, 2012)

“I realize it’s been WAY too long since i’ve updated this but I promise I have an extremely valid reason. The reason being that I don’t speak Indonesian. This is a problem considering that when I access the site in Bali, where I’ve been since June, it is entirely in Indonesian. See? I told you, major issue. Anyway, there’s much to update on- so, so much- but this post will just be about my 2 day stint in Kuala Lumpur, which I am finishing up as we speak (/type?). Basically, we have been on the boat in Bali so long that our extended visas have even expired so in order to stay each one of the crew has had to leave the country for a day in order to re-enter with new visas. Keeping costs down, I ended up being shipped off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (the closest out of country destination) for an overnight stay, for which I am not complaining at all. Any travel I can get always excites me. Wednesday morning I was meant to fly out of Bali at 6 am. This means that I had to be up at around 3am- not ideal, but it meant a longer stay in KL, so it was worth the sacrifice. I was all set up with a cab to arrive at our dingy marina at 3:30, from a friendly driver named Herry. Herry assured me that it wasn’t too early and I would see him bright eyed and bushytailed, ready to take me the 20 minutes to the airport. Herry is a big fat liar. I sat and waited 20 minutes, all the while being eaten alive by mosquitos in the dark. When the lone security guard offered to call another cab service, which I initially declined because afterall Herry had seemed so trustworthy, I was very thankful. Once again however, I was left waiting as mosquito bait with no sign of transportation. Finally, with less than 2 hours until my flight was scheduled to take off, the kind security guard insisted that he take me on his motorbike. Herman, which I found out later was the security guard’s name, had offered this option before but having luggage in tow and wearing a maxi dress made it seem undesirable. Well, screw desirable. I hiked up my maxi dress and hopped on the back of that motorbike and clung to Herman for dear life while we weaved through the streets of Bali in darkness like two bandits, all the while thinking “dear god my mother is going to die if she ever finds out, but at least I’m wearing a helmet”. Images of the movie “Taken” were entering my mind as I left my fate in the hands of Herman the security guard. In the end, Herman ended up saving the day and even walked me and my luggage all the way to the international departure gate, which if left on my own, probably would have taken me a good half hour to find. Thank god for Herman. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to save the details of my time spent actually in KL for the next post because its time for another taxi adventure back to KLCC airport. Wish me luck. But seriously, wish me luck.”


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