iFly Singapore

Last week I had the opportunity to go indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore on Sentosa Island and it was, in a word, brilliant!  Perfect for those who are a little adventure shy as well as those who crave adrenaline, indoor skydiving is definitely an item for the bucket list.  To be fair, I’ve never tried real skydiving (not that I am opposed to it, just haven’t had the chance yet) but even professional skydivers use the facilities on Sentosa Island to perfect and master their craft.  Not only is it great for any level of thrill seeker, it’s also available to those from ages 7 to 103 (I would LOVE to have seen the 103 year old have a go in the wind tunnel) so there isn’t much stopping you from trying it out for yourself!

I booked my session online and knowing I would love it I opted for the upgraded package of 4 dives instead of the basic 2, each one being 1 minute long (the length of an average freefall while skydiving).  Since I was going on a wednesday the price ended up being about $30 cheaper (hello, SCORE).  It can be a bit costly at about $80 for the basic 2 dive package scheduled on a weekend, but if you have the opportunity to go on a weekday, you are golden.  Also, if you compare that to the price of an actual sky dive, you’re really only paying a small fraction for the same effect.  I opted to have the commemorative photo as well since I would be alone and subsequently have no one to take photos for me (which is really easy to do because they have the wind tunnel right at the front entrance where family and friends can watch and capture your dive on film).  Don’t feel too bad for me though; even though I shelled out the $20 beforehand for my photo, I ended up meeting a pleasant young chinese man (american name: alex, chinese name: chen chun (sp?), name meaning: ‘loads of money’ – can’t make this stuff up) who was also traveling alone and offered to come back to take photos for me on his fancy hi-tech camera.  I’m still waiting for the photos, but I have good faith that he’ll pull through.  I mean the fact that he even came back when I was scheduled to be in the wind tunnel at all means he must be pretty trustworthy, right?

Anyway, I ended up being really glad I paid for the extra 2 dives because it actually allowed me to learn a couple tricks!  If the instructors see you are doing well, they will actually start to teach you different maneuvers, how cool is that?  After you are all finished, you get a certificate and almost everyone had the basic skills checked off on their certificates, but I had a couple additional checks which put a little pep in my step you could say.  Finally, after all was said and done we received vouchers for a COMPLIMENTARY MOJITO at the sky bar on the rooftop.  It’s like the gods were pulling the puppet strings in my favor for the entire day.

sometimes I think I’m cool- hence the face and hand signals

While at the sky bar, I met one of the professionals who was in town from Australia for the sole purpose of using the iFly Singapore facilities to practice his skills.  We had a nice conversation and I learned a lot about the life of a professional skydiver, as well as eased any fears I may have had about trying out real skydiving for myself.  Before we knew it, a light show and fireworks started going on below us for the nightly “Songs of the Sea” performance on the beach directly in front of us.  It was the perfect ending to a great day.

Check out http://www.iFlySingapore.com to learn more about indoor skydiving and watch some pretty impressive footage 🙂

seriously, iFy Singapore should be paying me for this post.


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