My One Year Travelversary!

This week (October 18th) marks one year since I left home to work as a nanny while sailing around the world!  In honor of this ‘travelversary’, I thought I would put together a collection of my most memorable experiences thus far.  I guess you could call it my “highlight reel”, but that sounds a lot more distinguished and I think it’s safe to say that I am anything but.  Anywho, here you have it:

1.  Going on my longest flight ever to Sydney from LA while en route to Perth (14.5 hours) with all of this luggage (two women and a 2 month old…that explains it…right?)

2. Seeing the boat for the first time and moving into my cabin (which I now affectionately call ‘Little Sudan’ as I get no internet connection down there and the TV doesn’t work; times are tough. Also, sorry if I offended anyone- do I know anyone from Sudan?)

3.  Crossing the equator (even though as I’ve said many times before, it was completely anticlimactic and uneventful- it was still a cool thing i’ll remember for a long time)

this was the highlight: waiting hours for the latitude to change to “00.0000” for one second. well worth it.

4. My first trip at sea! After starting in October, finally arriving to Australia in December, and not moving onto the boat until March, we finally made our first trip in June- 9 days to Bali. I’ll happily forget about the part where I got a concussion on the final night.

view from the office, not too shabby

5.  Sandboarding in Lancelin, WA.  Also the shower afterwards where I found sand in some unusual places I didn’t even know existed….

6.  Coming across a huge school of manta rays while leaving Shark Bay, Australia en route to Bali.  These things were massive and caught us right as we were leaving; everyone ran out on deck to watch and take videos. Our deckhand even threw on some dive gear and tried to up close and personal!

i’ll try to post a video soon so you can get a sense of just how amazing it was!

7.  Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge with some close friends from near and far during a weekend getaway.  Also, the anxiety I felt during half of the climb which resulted in this photo:

reeeeeeally attractive, i know

8.  Watching a huge crowd releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean at Kuta Beach in Bali. I like turtles.

phone was dying so didn’t get any great pictures or videos 😦

9. Learning that running along seawalls isn’t the best idea when you are accident prone.  Also, having this information revealed to the rest of the crew in the form of a gnarly hand wound, thus beginning my position as the token target for mockery (somehow I always find myself in this role…)

goes all the way around the back of my hand as well…. ouch

10. My solo trip to KL! This was somewhat of a milestone as it was my first international solo trip in which neither destination was home.  (Does that make sense? That was weird wording) Anyway, my parents seemed to think it was a big deal and were worried, even though by this point I had been on the opposite side of the world for the better part of a year…parents.  To be honest, I was proud of myself for navigating a new country and city completely on my own.  And it’s not like this was Canada, people.

perfecting the selfie to include the petronas towers was tricky business

11. Running into a contestant from the Australian show “My Kitchen Rules” while on the search for late night kebabs after a night out.  He was literally sitting on the sidewalk at 3 AM for no apparent reason. Let’s assume he had a good night.

“come onnnnn WA!”

12. My crazy late night/early morning motorbike ride with Herman the security guard in Bali.  I won’t soon be forgetting that episode. Unfortunately I have no pictures because I was too concerned for my life, sorry. (you can read about it here though)

13. Indoor Skydiving at iFly Singapore! You didn’t really think I was going to make this list and not include that did you?  Seriously, iFly Singapore… you can send that check any day now.

…By the way, I don’t think there’s a precedent for how one would celebrate a travelversary…champagne toast to myself sounds appropriate right? GOOD THINKING.

Here’s to many more years of my ridiculous adventures- stay tuned!


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