Fun (read: interesting, weird, noteworthy) Fashion Friday

Throughout the past year while I’ve been traveling I have amassed a large number of pictures (taken the creepy way of course) of interesting fashions that I find worth mentioning. Since ‘fashion’ and ‘Friday’ both begin with ‘F’s, VOILA, fashion Friday is now formed (oh yeah, ‘fun’ begins with ‘f’ too…man I’m so clever). For our first fabulous fun fashion Friday (I mean, really, REALLY clever) I’m going to address a topic that finds me both perplexed and slightly nauseated. Here we go…

I have never seen more cases of couples wearing matching outfits in my entire life than I have while in Asia. It’s gotten to the point that I feel like a magnet for these matching maniacs as I seem to encounter at least one coordinating twosome every time I have a day off. At first I shrugged it off, but it just kept happening. One day I saw a total of four matching couples. FOUR. I have even addressed this finding with friends and while they agree that it is more prevalent in this part of the world (for GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON) they still don’t seem to come across it to the extent that I do. Like I said, both perplexing and nauseating. The following photos are some of the many offenders I have come across. Unfortunately, my creepy photo taking skills aren’t completely mastered (they are most definitely getting there though) so what you are about to witness is only a tiny fraction of the total couple-y couples I have actually had the displeasure of observing.

aww looks like Superman found his Supergirl

oh yeah these guys were also having their own little photo shoot IN the mall IN their matching outfits. I swear I’m not bitter, I will just NEVER be okay with this trend.

can you tell by the quality photo image how creepy I am?

One day if I ever find myself with a boyfriend, you know, like 30 years from now, maybe I’ll force him to wear a matching outfit with me just for shits and giggles and another random stranger can write about it…

…maybe even 40 years from now, who really knows.


9 responses to “Fun (read: interesting, weird, noteworthy) Fashion Friday

  1. Quirky observation, but don’t fret over the boyfriend situation. You’ve got plenty of time, and it’s obviously impractical as a goal to be sought and bemoaned when not attained in the next year or more. Remember, your mom and I didn’t hook up until we were both in our thirties, and my early years in the Navy were not festooned with many fawning girlfriends — hard to do while at sea (except perhaps in the new co-ed Navy!)

    • I imagine the babe pool wasn’t really “flowing” deep below the ocean’s surface in a submarine… also, no more talking about you and or mom’s dating life. it’s too weird. I was born following immaculate conception, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

    • oh gosh I can totally envision the prints based off what I’ve seen of my moms wardrobe during her Hawaiian era. at least these couples are keeping their patterns simple? no, no, I can’t defend them. I still hate it! haha

  2. Loving your posts, Arielle! The matching shirt couples are a hoot! My best friend and her husband meet several times a year in vacation places….only we have the guys wear matching shirts…it’s a pretty funny reaction from most people! What a wonderful life you are having!!!!

    • That’s too funny! Maybe I’m a hypocrite, but when I’m on the inside of a joke and know it’s being done ironically, then I’m a fan! however, I don’t think these couples are joking one bit…

  3. Love this post! I don’t know what they are thinking, although I must admit, my exbf bought me one of these shirts while I sheepishly smiled and thanked him, inside my head I was screaming “NO WAY I AM WEARING THIS CHEESY SHIRT!”. I wore it just once, but always made some lame excuses to not wear it haha!

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