Triple F #2

It’s time for the second installment of Fun Fashion Friday! This time we’re going to switch it up and start with a picture and then elaborate. Ready to get crazy?

Okay, so you might be thinking that A. I’m getting lazy, B. this isn’t one of my usual creep shots, C. there’s nothing that interesting about the fashion, or D. ‘that’s an attractive bunch’ (or E. all of the above). Well, the truth is that I have a secret and it has to do with D.

I am being followed by a model.

You see, the male model in the middle, let’s call him J, was in my STCW class back in Ft. Lauderdale two years ago (if you’re not quite up to speed and haven’t read about how I got started here -tisk tisk- then an STCW is your basic yachting certification course). I hadn’t heard from J since the course or kept any contact and to be honest he probably only remembers me as depressed ball of emotion as I was horribly homesick throughout the duration of the course (times have SERIOUSLY changed, thank god). However, since I’ve had this most recent gig, it seems as if J has been following me everywhere I go. You see, if I’m not mistaken, J left yachting to pursue his modelling career (as you can see it seems to have been a smart move) and all I have to do is walk into a mall in Singapore and BAM!- there he is, 12 ft. tall and plastered on the wall.

The first time J appeared was when I was back in Perth waiting to move onto the boat. I picked up a popular magazine, CLEO, kind of like Cosmo, for some light reading. What’s really a coincidence is that I hardly bought magazines while I was in Australia because they are more expensive there, but for some strange reason, I did that day. Anyway, if you look at the cover, there he is on the right. The funny thing is that I didn’t even notice (because why would I when I only knew him for all of a week and this was over a year later). When I finally flipped through the pages a few days later is when I saw his face, on multiple pages of a layout doing his modelling thing. I think I was shocked mostly because who looks in a magazine and then realizes that they know the model? It was really weird, but he’s from Australia so it made a little more sense to me and then I was over it by the end of the day.

and there’s J, hiding behind the “E”

What I didn’t see coming was walking into the mall in Singapore on our first day here, months later and seeing J’s face plastered 3x actual size in the first store I passed. That actually freaked me out a bit. I haven’t talked to him, and it’s probably a bit creepy that I’m writing practically this whole post about him (see, I’m still a creep even without the sketchy pics) but it was just too weird not to post. To be honest, I’m just wondering where he’s going to pop up next. Until then, i’ll be bringing you my usual sketchy pics that I know you all secretly (or not so secretly) love. Oh yeah, and more about travel because that’s what this whole shebang’s all about!


3 responses to “Triple F #2

      • Do you mind if I ask what website you found your nannying job on? And do you think it was useful/necessary that you took the STCW training even though you’re a nanny onboard now? (Or do you do serving things as well?)

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