Triple F #3: Kuala Lumpur

Today’s Triple F (Fun Fashion Friday) comes to you from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. KL, as it is nicknamed by the locals, is a unique (ugh, I hate that word) city contrasting iconic modern architecture (think: Petronas towers) alongside of crumbling apartments. There is further juxtaposition in the form of massive luxury shopping malls flanked by street stalls and hagglers. I always have a hard time describing KL based off of my brief 48 hour stay, but I can summarize what happened during that time: shopping.

Like I said, massive malls and street vendors galore, there is something (for sale) for everyone in KL. Having such little time to explore, I wasn’t able to venture too far from the city’s center, the ‘Golden Triangle’, and I quickly found that besides KLCC park, convention center and the Petronas Towers (which are no longer free to visit, thanks travel guides for foiling that plan!), shopping was my only option. For this wanderluster, that created a slight problem as I freely admit that I am a poor window shopper. Money WILL leave my wallet. If you are good at keeping your money in your pocket though, you can still have a great time people watching at any shop/market/vendor or what have you. Anyway, it was in one of these shopping centers, Suria KLCC to be precise, that I snapped a pic that would become my first fun fashion find.


I stopped in my tracks when I saw this little girl out of the corner of my eye. I’m sure it was just one of those cases where the mother just let the child pick their own clothes to make life easier on herself (I’ve been a nanny/babysitter for years, I get it) but it was more than just that. The shoes, the hat, the dress OVER the pants, the colors; it was like a cartoon character walking past me. I mean, I was in an Asian country so of course there were some outfits that as a westerner I found a bit odd or unusual (to say the least) but for some reason this little girl took the cake. It could also have to do with the fact that we were at the really expensive side of the mall and I’m pretty sure she was standing right outside Prada. It probably makes sense though; of all the accessories she’s got going on, she’s missing a new fall 2012 Prada bag to complete the look. Bravo, little girl.


4 responses to “Triple F #3: Kuala Lumpur

  1. I think you’ve got a real catchy idea going on with this TripleF meme. I mean I’m no fashion plate (need I remind you of that?), but even I’m finding your observations engaging and funny. And remember, you come by this in your genetic make up what with the years given fashion by your grandmother and great grandmother. I specifically like that you’re seeing the whimsy and un-serious side to it. Lord knows there’s so much fashion pretense (a tautology, no?) being mined by so many others. But who needs more of that crap.

    • Well maybe you’ll see yourself on here one day… you said yourself that you’re no fashion plate! Careful… I’ll be watching all December long and will be needing new material! muahaha…

  2. Ha! I also love this triple F idea! I lack all fashion sense but my sister has amazing style and if it weren’t for her, I’d probably hear that “layering” is in and throw together something like this little lady’s ensemble. But really, she’s pretty awesome. Although I was thinking a scarf (or two) would really complete the outfit…

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