Travel Photos

There are so many pics I’ve put up on instagram that haven’t made it on here yet, but instagram has now created online profiles so you can check them out on your computer! No smartphone required 🙂

check mine out here for pics from my travels (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland… so far) and the occasional random things that I find funny.

***New Triple F #3 coming tomorrow, brought to you from Kuala Lumpur!



5 responses to “Travel Photos

  1. Great photo of you! And awesome instagram photos! (Vegemite covered baby: priceless!)

    Happened to glance at your twitter feed – were you not allowed to wear a nose-ring when the owner came??

    • nope! in yachting it’s pretty much no tattoos or piercings! I’ve been lucky because our owner hasn’t been onboard until now…

      glad you liked my instagram pics! they are my babies lol I love all of the cool effects you can add! if you have a smartphone you should definitely download the app. otherwise, you can just follow along online.

      Also, I’ve been meaning to respond to your question about getting into this kind of job. I’ve actually been getting that question a lot so I’m going to write a post all about it within the next week! 🙂

      • Interesting – working on a yacht is kinda like being a flight attendant (no piercings or tattoos there either! And they’re serious about it!)

        Everyone talks about instagram all the time – think I’m finally gonna break and download it… ugh… ^.^

        And I’m excited for that post! Can’t wait to read it!

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