Triple F #4: Lembongan Island, Indonesia

Bear with me on this one as I had a hard time capturing the full effect of this week’s Fun Fashion Friday target.  The following was spotted while on a day trip in Lembongan Island in Indonesia (which I highly recommend visiting if you are in Bali) and it took me by surprise so naturally, it had to be documented.

no, not the leg… look up, top right

Okay, so awful quality I know, but this was back in the early creep stalker paparazzi stage.  But the real issue is: WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS ON HER FINGERS?  If you could’ve only seen them in person; they were fully pointed acrylic nails both pink AND black.  It may be that it’s some sort of eastern european trend because our target was with a group that all sounded very ‘Boris and Natasha’ so thats my only real explanation.  All I could think was, “How does she wipe?”.  Yes, I went there.

I wish you could’ve seen me trying to snap this photo, I think it was the creepiest I’ve been yet.


7 responses to “Triple F #4: Lembongan Island, Indonesia

  1. Omggg. It’s an Indonesian chonga. I’m sorry you had to see that in person… On the bright side, this picture doesn’t show whatever her toenails look like, so hopefully you were spared from that!

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