How Working on a Yacht Made me Weird(er)

I like to think that throughout my life I’ve generally stayed the same, sticking to my principles and morals (more or less) regardless of what opportunities or obstacles I have encountered.  Traveling has opened my eyes and continues to broaden my horizons, however I’m still just a weirdo who picks the tomato seeds out of my tomatoes.  You can laugh- everyone else always does and to be perfectly frank, I could care less, I’m so used to it.  What I didn’t see coming however, were small tweaks to my already oddball personality as a result of traveling and living on the sea this past year.  Here are a few things that happened while I was home (on land):

1. I almost burned the house down.

First of all, this is extremely comical for anyone who knows that my brother is a firefighter.  What happened was that I was cooking pasta and as I have read, leaving a wooden spoon over the pot prevents the water from boiling over.  So, I did just that.  What I failed to account for was that our stove at home is a gas stove which uses an open flame.  On the boat, gas and open flames are a HUGE no-no, so we have induction stovetops and leaving a spoon on a pot is really no big deal.  Well, after trying to find the source of the smoke for about 10 minutes, I realized that wooden spoons and open flames don’t mix well.  RIP wooden spoon, you will be missed.  The pasta on the other hand, was delicious.  (Also noteworthy, just weeks after being my being called a “space cadet” for my incident, my mom set the fire alarms off for about 20 minutes straight as she grilled steaks inside- thank GOD we have a firefighter in the family because we are a disaster waiting to happen.)

This is basically what happened.

This is basically what happened.

2.  I asked for “mince” at the grocery store.

From what I can tell, about 95% of the people who read my blog are in the US, which makes sense considering that’s where I was born and raised.  So for those 95% of you, “mince” is basically just another word for “ground” when meats are the subject at hand; i.e. pork mince, beef mince.  Well, since I live and work with all Aussies 24/7, it’s just become easier to use their words (in most cases… I still refuse to say oreg-AHHH-no, it’s or-EGG-uh-no people) so “mince” has seeped it’s way into my vocabulary.  As such, the guy at the grocery store wasn’t too helpful when I asked him where the pork mince was and instead looked at me as if I had 3 heads and was speaking in clicks.  I quickly mended my ways, kicking myself; this is ‘MURICA.



3. I am terrified of cars.

Living on a boat, you don’t really deal with a lot of traffic.  Shocking, right?  As a result, it was a slightly bumpy adjustment reacquainting myself with the rules of the road (when I say ‘slightly bumpy’, that includes imaginary brakes being slammed, shouting expletives, and covering my eyes).  If you read my last post, you’re already familiar with my issues concerning various modes of transportation.  Well, cars pose much more of a threat when you have been out of them for so long.  Every car ride I was envisioning scenes from Final Destination; my mom and brother really took a hit with my freak outs.  Oh, and this was all just with me being a passenger.  Let’s just say, I’m really happy being back on the boat.

My brother actually posted this to my facebook about a week after I left. I'd say it's pretty accurate.

My brother actually posted this to my facebook about a week after I left. I’d say it’s pretty accurate.

There were a few other things that I noticed I had become accustomed to doing differently, but they weren’t as amusing; mostly they just proved annoying to my mom.  I’m sure I’ll have even more for her next time. 🙂


3 responses to “How Working on a Yacht Made me Weird(er)

  1. May I just add that I now have a bald spot on my floor mat on the passenger side as a result of an “imaginary” brake!

  2. Lol, maybe you are a little weird 🙂 (referring to the tomato seeds) . But don’t feel bad I still do the opposite of what people tell me and everything the hard way. I am not sure if hard-headed would do me justice… Guess that makes two of us.

    I have also experienced number 2 many times, tom-ay-to , tom-ah-to.

    Anyway cheers for your adventures! Wish you the best this year!

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