Things I Missed In Singapore and Why It’s Okay

We spent a good few months docked in Singapore and while I was able to see much that the island has to offer (at 274 sq. miles, it’s not that hard to do) there were a few big things that I missed out on seeing and doing.  In retrospect, I’m not that bothered and here’s why:

Marina Bay Sands

So I wrote this whole long personal confession about how everyone on the boat went without me to have dinner at the top of Marina Bay Sands and at the end I vowed (like the strong independent woman that I am…) to see it on my own.  Well guess what guys, I didn’t.  It wasn’t because I chickened out and was too lame to go by myself, I assure you.  The reason I didn’t go is because it costs $20 just to get to the top!  Not only that, but once you get up there, you are confined to an allocated skydeck viewing area.  And while we’re at it, forget about that incredible infinity pool- you’re not getting your feet wet without shelling out a few hundred dollars first for a room key.  Sure, you can make reservations and have dinner at Ku De Ta (located at the top of MBS) but even that is going to run you about $100 for a decent sized meal (that’s without drinks).  I don’t care how nice the view is, I’m cheap.  However, if you are staying at MBS, my number is 410-….yeah on second thought there are a lot of weirdos out there.

*For an alternative view, check out the Gardens By the Bay (located right next to MBS) and take a sky walk through the Super Trees for just a couple dollars.  Much of the gardens are also free so you can spend a considerable amount of time there in comparison to a short stroll on the MBS skydeck.

yeahhh, not going to happen

yeahhh, not going to happen

walking through the "Super Trees" in Singapore's Gardens by the Bay

walking through the “Super Trees” in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands is off the the left

Seeing a Monkey

Okay, this may sound like a weird one but bear with me.  I wanted little else than to see a monkey in the wild while we were in Singapore.  Everywhere I went it seemed like I saw signs warning about monkeys and not to touch them, feed them, breathe near them, etc.  So naturally, I wanted to do all of those things.  I thought, maybe if I carried around food, they would come to me and take to me and I could turn into their queen and we could sing and dance in the forest together, or you know, something like that (how very Disney princess of me, right?).  Sometimes I forget that animals aren’t all like the ones in the animated movies.  Anyway, once when it had gotten dark and I was on a run alone in a dense forested area, I thought about what it would be like if a monkey actually did appear out of nowhere and immediately my thoughts went to said monkey clawing my face off.  One day I’ll see a monkey, but I think I’ll be happier if it’s not somewhere where there are signs warning me about them every 50 meters.

okay, okay I GET it

okay, okay I GET it

The Singapore Zoo Night Safari

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the Singapore Zoo was one of the best zoos I have ever experienced.  We had breakfast with orangutans and fed elephants; it was the best day (I told you how much I love animals right?).  Anyway, one of the big attractions the zoo also offers is a Night Safari where you ride around and see the animals alive with energy after the sun has gone down.  It sounds great to witness animals acting out in their natural states in the darkness, their eyes aglow with ferocity, right? Turns out that from what I was told, the animals are so domesticated and accustomed to their zoo lives and routines that they are lazy and tired at the end of the day like the rest of us.  Paying extra money to see animals kicking back and sleeping in the dark (instead of the daytime like they often are as well) just didn’t seem worth it to me.  However, if you had a different experience, I would love to hear about it!

...but if you go in the morning, you can do THIS!

…but if you go in the morning, you can do THIS!

Drinking Tiger Beer

I have a serious confession: I love beer.  To be honest, I love wine and cocktails as well; I don’t discriminate.  However, I wasn’t so much the lush while living in Singapore.  Singapore is already a costly place to be and drinking only makes it that much worse.  A simple vodka cranberry can set you back about $20 in some establishments.  As much as it would have been

nice to try the local brew, water was just a much better option (and in the Singapore heat, a much better decision as well).

*For a refreshing drink that wont break the bank, try a fresh squeezed juice from a hawker stall in Chinatown or Little India for just a couple dollars.  My favorite? Watermelon juice. Mmmmm.



Riding the Rides at Sentosa

Sentosa is the famed resort island located on the southern tip of Singapore.  On Sentosa you can visit Universal Studios theme park and Underwater World (among others) and do lots of other tourist trap activities that are designed to separate you from your money.  While I definitely enjoyed the indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore, I stayed away from the other sites.  My reasoning was that indoor skydiving is something that you don’t see everyday, but you can typically find amusement parks anywhere you go.

*Read all about the exciting day I had at iFly Singapore here.

A view of Singapore from the boat one night.  It's no view from the top of MBS, but I'll take it.

A view of Singapore from the boat one night. It’s no view from the top of MBS, but I’ll take it.

Some things I missed out on that I wish I had seen?

-The Chinese Heritage Museum in Chinatown

-Pulau Ubin

-Bukit Timah

But hey, that’s what return trips are for!

9 responses to “Things I Missed In Singapore and Why It’s Okay

  1. You didn’t miss out on too much up top of the Marina Bay Sands apart from the view although if you find a weirdo willing to pay for one of their suites then let me know! We toured through one of the $7,000 a night suites and wow, they were amazing!

    The Zoo was far superior to the Night Safari but I am very disappointed that you didn’t have a Tiger Beer. That’s just unacceptable!

    • Glad to hear about MBS… part of me still wishes I had done it (shh!) but maybe one day when I’m filthy rich I’ll just stay there and enjoy all it has to offer. Should be any day now! ha! And I know, people keep telling me I flubbed with the Tiger beer… next time!

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