The Travel Bug Meets The Stomach Bug

You know what’s not fancy? Getting sick (even on a luxury yacht).

I avoided the infamous ‘Bali Belly’; I never once got sick from the ethnic delicacies of Singapore and Malaysia, and I particularly embraced the bold flavors of Chile.

But one day back in the US and I spend the night hugging porcelain. Sorry, perhaps I should have warned you.

Convinced I had food poisoning, I spent the night cursing the universe for striking me with it a second time (I had it in college so badly once that I almost called an ambulance for myself… I might be a tad on the dramatic side) and simultaneously thanking it for granting me my own crew cabin. Look up the symptoms for food poisoning (I’ll spare you the gory details here) and then imagine sharing that experience with a coworker in a 12 ft. by 5 ft. area. You’d become really close really fast. Or never be able to look at eachother the same.

Turns out it must be some sort of stomach bug because now half of us are sick (thank god not the child… fingers crossed). You may think that living on a 43 meter yacht would be massive, but one person gets sick and it’s like trying to play hide and seek in an RV; you can’t escape eachother.

Traveling is incredible but one night of hugging porcelain will have you begging for your mommy in no time.


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