It’s Okay to be Nostalgic


Lately I feel like I’ve been missing so many things; people I love and have loved, places I’ve shared.  It’s been making me feel sad and nostalgic at random.  But then I thought, you know what? How lucky am I to have those things to miss? Those people I love and those places that provided such wonderful memories; those feelings that I’ll never forget and hold with me while I’m out here on my own, finding myself at times sad and nostalgic.  How lucky of me to think of those people and places and smile at the reminder of how they have each enriched my life.  And how lucky I am to look back and miss them all.


I love the french translation for “I miss you”; “tu me manques”.


It’s not, “i miss you“, it’s “you are missing from me”.  Each of those things that you miss are a part of you.  You are made up of the many people, places and experiences that have influenced you.  They are you.  


And It’s okay to miss those things.  It means you’re one of the lucky ones.




4 responses to “It’s Okay to be Nostalgic

  1. Oh I do love this post! You are indeed one of the lucky ones Your father and I are so enjoying your trip through life. We are with you in spirit. We love you to the moon and beyond! Mom

  2. So wise! And only 24! I’m missing family too and your words helped put things in perspective for me. Thanks!

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