Through the Locks Without a Bra

Sometimes I forget that I live on a yacht. No seriously, hear me out.  For me, the yacht is home. It’s where I eat, sleep, work, and everything in between.  So sometimes I forget that if I look out the window, there may be people staring.  

When we are at sea (and thus not coming across other human beings), I put little effort into my appearance.  Since I’m not technically a member of the crew, I don’t always have to be in a certain uniform, at least when our owners aren’t onboard (which is usually the case).  Therefore, if we’re at sea and I’m stuck on the boat taking care of a 20 month old rascal, whatever I have slept in may just do the trick.

However, like i said, there is always the possibility that someone might be watching.

Last month we sailed from Victoria, BC to Seattle, WA and unbeknownst to me, we had to go through a lock canal system to reach the dock.  Knowing E would get a kick out of seeing the locks from the inside, we rushed outside to take a look.  Not realizing that this particular lock system (the Hiram M. Chittenden locks for those who are interested) was listed as a top attraction in Seattle, E and I were met by about 100-200 people merely feet away from us, lining around the perimeter to watch us pull in and grab a photo.  This would have been fine had my look been anything but my hair in a messy bun, glasses on in lieu of contacts, and ever present toddler stains decorating my pajamas worn sans bra.  Oh yes.  At least I had a sweatshirt on so I could hide my bra-less glory.  Too bad we happened to arrive on the only warm day we had experienced yet in the Pacific Northwest and all I wanted to do was take my sweatshirt off, but I decided to spare the masses that vision.


Today we made the same trip but this time, I was prepared.  Hair neat, acceptable clothing (even in a uniform zip up- check me out), and most of all, appropriate undergarments.

We learn from our mistakes, people.


6 responses to “Through the Locks Without a Bra

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  2. No doubts any longer : you ARE a true mermaid.
    For, as far as I know, mermaids do not even know what a bra is all about..

    Well worth a song, singing innocence and everyday truth in a young woman’s life.
    Have a great day, I say also !!

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