The Yachtie Transformation

So far we’ve been pretty lucky in that we’ve had the boat to ourselves (the crew) but come Friday, that all changes.

In preparation for the owner’s arrival we’ve been back and forth between Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria having work done, awaiting shipments and other general preparation which is why I’ve been somewhat absent on here these past couple of weeks. Mostly I’ve been spending any free time that I previously would have spent writing instead getting off the boat and reveling in my last bits of freedom before it’s a month straight of being on my best, most professional behavior.

On the agenda for this last week:

-Prep crew dinners: as we have no chef onboard, I’ll be baking EIGHT lasagnas and EIGHT chicken parmagianas to be frozen for consumption after long work days

-Move all of E’s stuff from the main galley to the crew area downstairs

-Basically remove all signs of the crew or E’s existence from all main living areas

And to transform from a nanny into a yachtie…

-Remove visible piercings (nose and cartilage ear piercing)

-Cover wrist tattoo with watch (I planned that one well)

-Trade in yoga pants and hoodies for khaki skorts and logo’d shirts (might be the hardest sacrifice)

-Get a haircut

-Get nails done

Pretty much become this...minus the dog, minus the purse, plus a child on hip.

Pretty much become this…minus the dog, minus the purse, plus a child on hip.

I’m going to be a whole new woman, people!


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