Updates from the Home Stretch

I know it’s been ages and you are all obviously waiting with bated breath to see what kind of shenanigans have been going down on this floating circus but I’m going to have to lead you on just a little longer. HOWEVER the good news is that we are now in single digits of our countdown until the guests leave!
Then I promise I will fill you in on all the juicy gossip there is to know about M/Y Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction and her Alaskan voyage. Until then, rest easy knowing that Alaska is still cold and wet, full of whales and bears and birds and ice and mountains, and that even billions of dollars can’t buy you common sense.


Oh and don’t worry, the docks up here promise the highest possible security measures at all times; a sign reading “Private Dock, Keep Off” and a rope which we can only assume hides a deathly force field.


3 responses to “Updates from the Home Stretch

  1. I hope there is projectile vomit, scat humor, and a block of melted involved in one way or another.

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