It Could Have Been Worse (Way, Way Worse)

After having a couple days to reflect (and mostly catch up on sleep) I have to say that the month long owner’s trip could have been worse.  Sure, some crazy stuff did happen and sure, there was drama, but when all is said and done, we got off pretty easy compared to what kinds of things happen on a regular basis in the wild world of yachting.  For example, yes there was bedwetting, but that was nothing in comparison to the serial pooper from my STCW instructor’s yachting days (it also helps that cleaning sheets wasn’t my responsibility, but I digress…).

We weren’t entertaining wild bachelors looking to score and up all hours of the night (cough, Below Deck, cough) and we weren’t scrambling around to meet to frivolous demands (too much…).  What we had was a family, and what family doesn’t come with a little crazy?  To also be fair, as a nanny onboard, I consider myself extremely lucky that I was able to partake in much of the off the boat activities that came about.

There were long hours, four weeks of working without a day off, the stresses of being confined to our small spaces below deck, things broken, tantrums thrown, hitchhiking (yes, hitchhiking), and other countless instances that would make you scratch your head, but all in all it was a successful trip.  This is the job we signed up for, and as with all jobs, it comes with it’s own demands and downsides.  But look at it this way: now we’re in Alaska with a yacht, a tender, kayaks, and time to kill.


See ya never, 9-5 cubicle life.

Things could be way, way worse.


12 responses to “It Could Have Been Worse (Way, Way Worse)

  1. Enjoy yourself in Alaska, Arielle! You’ve earned it. (And I always find that makes it even more meaningful)… 🙂


    P.S. I had a serial pooper onboard once. And he was 16! He was the son of a billionaire heiress, so as you can imagine, he was WAY dysfunctional. The family’s nanny was along for the trip, and after the third time he soiled (crapped in) his sheets — AND the pajamas he slept in — I told her what was going on. After she confronted him, he assumed (correctly) that it was the stews that told on him.

    SO, he spent the rest of the trip making our lives hell. The yacht I was on was the sister ship to the M/Y “Honor” on Bravo’s “Below Deck” (which was formerly M/Y “Lionheart”)…The two vessels have identical interior layouts, so you’ve seen those mirrored staircases on “Honor” that lead to the lower guest cabins… Yeah, well, every time he went up or down those stairs, he would drag his grubby little hands along the mirrors — often in places that were hard to reach. Worse off, he would do the same to the grand piano we had in the main salon. Fingerprints, fingerprints, fingerprints, everywhere. But hey, at least they weren’t poop-stained. ha!

    • Oh my god that is INSANE! I totally feel your pain… What is with some people? Gross. Anyway, can’t wait to start sailing back down the coast of Alaska and enjoy it on our own time with the rest of the crew, so thank you! Definitely well earned 😉

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