Where’s the Heat?

It’s July 23rd and I’m officially sitting in the crew lounge wearing sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt and a fleece.  And fuzzy socks.  WHERE IS THE HEAT?

That’s a silly question, of course.  Obviously I know where it is after just a simple glance at my Facebook newsfeed, comprised of statuses from all my friends and family back in the lower 48.  In fact, some are even posting cute little “Ecard” images like this one:

I'll bet Satan has a nice tan though...

I’ll bet Satan has a nice tan though…

You know what I have to say? MUST BE NICE.

I get that it’s Alaska.  It’s cold.  It’s pretty much public knowledge at this point.  But it’s July, can’t I catch a little break?  I mean, at this point I’ve been wearing sweats since February. I’m ready for a change.

I shouldn’t complain; this is the experience of a lifetime.  So instead, take this as a warning, friends from home: I don’t want to hear about your sunburns and sweat stains. I’m jealous enough as it is.

Just a light breeze, no worries.

Just a slight breeze, no worries.

In the meantime, I’ll be here, with the heat on full blast, wearing wool and dreaming of Hawaiian sunsets. Aloha.


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