5 Reasons to Visit Alaska

As my Alaskan summer comes to a close and we begin to make our way back down to British Columbia, I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite reasons for visiting Alaska:

Fresh Air

Did you know that there are types of moss and lichen that only grow in less than 1% air pollution? Well, now you do and guess what? They’re all over Alaska. I wasn’t aware of their existence until our guide on an ATV tour on Kruzoff Island told us and after that, I began to see it everywhere. Even without my now expansive horticultural knowledge (as if) it’s not hard to tell that in Alaska, the air you are breathing is exponentially fresher than what you are going to find on the streets of New York City and the like. You’re welcome lungs. Breathe deep inhale, and exhale releasing all negative energy, Namaste.

So much Oxygen everywhere.

So much Oxygen everywhere.


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Okay, maybe not the lions or tigers but holy BEARS. Not to mention whales, sea otters, mountain goats, porcupines, eagles, seals, sea lions, etc. Why go to a zoo or watch the Discovery Channel when you can just go see these beauties in their natural environment? In the rest of the US, seeing a bald eagle is a bit of a novelty (AMERICA! FREEDOM! LIBERTY!) but for Alaskans, it’s like seeing a crow. Also, sea otters hold hands when they fall asleep to prevent drifting apart from one another and if you don’t want to see that, then you probably have no soul.

Just casually kayaking along the coast with this guy.

Just casually kayaking along the coast with this guy.

Meet Willy.  He's free.

Meet Willy. He’s free.


Mountains. Rivers. Lakes. Glaciers. Forests. Waterfalls. Beaches. (I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.)

These sea lions know what's up.

These sea lions know what’s up.

New friends.

New friends.

It never gets old.

It never gets old.


Salmon, hello! But more than that, halibut, trout, snapper, ALL THE FISH. And after that you’ve got the crustaceans. Where I’m from, we’re proud of our blue crabs (let the STD jokes begin…) but sadly, I have to give the point to Alaska on this one. There’s a reason there’s a whole TV show dedicated to the procuring of these tasty clawed creatures of the sea; Alaskan King Crabs are gifts from the gods. Get on it and thank me later.

All the crab jokes.

All the crab jokes.

Sorry charlie.

Sorry charlie.

The Northern Lights

Who DOESN’T have the Aurora Borealis on their bucket list? I’ll tell you who: people who’ve already seen it or it’s cousin down in the southern hemisphere, the Aurora Australis. Bright colorful light streaking through the night sky? Sign me up for that once in a lifetime experience, please and thank you. Just make sure you visit during the right time of year if that’s you’re M.O., because it’s not around all year long.

Photo found on Google (because sadly, we missed it, not that I needed another reason to return...)

Photo found on Google (because sadly, we missed it, not that I needed another reason to return…)

I could really make this list go on but I’m sure you guys have busy lives to get back to, so now the question is, what is YOUR favorite reason for visiting Alaska?


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