Traveling is Not Inspiring

Not long ago, someone following my Little Mermaid at Sea Facebook page called me “inspirational”.  Though it definitely put a little pep in my step, I was mostly dumbfounded and even a bit confused.  I’m all for giving credit where credit is due (who doesn’t appreciate a compliment?) and as a female, I make an effort to accept compliments graciously instead of denying them or belittling myself in response, as so many women seem inclined to do; I just have trouble seeing how “scrupulously avoiding the corporate world” and traveling on another person’s dime is “inspiring”.

“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” -Ernest Hemingway

You want to know what I find inspiring? Those who risk their lives everyday for a greater good.  Those who tirelessly devote their time and energy to strangers and friends alike in need.  Those who fight endless battles with illness and disease, day in and day out.  Not those with Disney themed names who live and travel on yachts and post pretty pictures on a Facebook page. (Oh hey, that’s me)

If I can encourage someone to live a life less ordinary by documenting my travels and experiences, that’s great.  In fact, that’s rewarding in itself.  I just wouldn’t consider it inspiring.

“Don’t ever live vicariously. This is your life. Live.” -Lavinia Spalding

In a day and age where we are potentially at the brink of a world war, my aim in this whole endeavor is to entertain, at best.

One day, I hope to do something truly astonishing and worthwhile with my short time on this planet, but in the meantime I’m simply indulging my selfish desire to see as much of the world as I can (and make a little bit of cash money while doing so).  I’m so happy to have people that enjoy following along and engaging in my egocentric web presence but one day I’ll show you just how inspirational I can be.

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” -Maya Angelou

Cheers for the motivation from a kind follower, and as the Spice Girls once said, GIRL POWER!


2 responses to “Traveling is Not Inspiring

  1. Liked the post yet could not slip the curiosity of what that astonishing thing could possibly be as the novelty wears off and the real world becomes an exceptionally foreign place?

  2. No, traveling may not be inspiring, lot’s of people do it. But, a person following their heart and breaking away of societal norms and expectations —of college degrees, high-powered careers, home-ownership and the picket white fence, the nice car, “settling down,” high heels, make-up having kids — IS inspiring….no matter how a person does it.

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