Fun Fashion Friday: It Gets Worse

Remember the time I wrote all about the matching couples throughout Asia and my extreme distaste for the trend? No? Well if you’re new to the game, catch up here.  Anyway, having left Asia almost a year ago, I assumed (like all good fools) that I was free from having to witness such offensive fashion choices for a good long while.  Enter Maui vacation.  


So instead, I present you with a photo of a sea turtle. At least he’s cute.

Embarking on a day full of snorkeling at a submerged crater with exotic fish, coral and (the real clincher) SEA TURTLES, My best friend and I boarded our small passenger boat to witness a true assault to our ocular senses.  As it turns out, the world of matching couple-wear has extended to swimwear.  I couldn’t take a photo, I just couldn’t.  It was too traumatizing.

I will say though that the true comedy resulted from the couple’s almost immediate onset of seasickness, as they sat cradling their newly purchased (and overly priced at $80 a pop) snorkeling kits.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have found it funny but I live on a boat, what can I say?  That’s what you get for wearing such an affront to my retinal faculties.


Who needs wedding rings when you can have a closet full of matching clothing to signal your relationship status? I wonder if they make “his and hers” skivvies as well. I shudder at the thought.

After a bit of further research, I found that this is becoming a larger movement than I could have possibly imagined.  Without too much difficulty, I found an entire site FULL of available super cute swimwear sets.

Not. Okay.


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