Wait, Where’s the Boat?

You may have noticed that I haven’t written about the boat in some time or that I seem to be spending a lot of time on land lately.  Pat yourself on the back; you are one perceptive cookie.


There she is!

The reason we’ve been land based for over a month now is due some technical/mechanical (I’m just the nanny… don’t ask me specifics) complications incurred during our trip down south from Alaska.  Once we arrived in Seattle, we were quickly pulled out of water to have some repairs done, as a result of some stray logs that found their way into our propeller’s path.  Thanks to zero visibility fog and the landslide that put them on our course, we have been staying in a house in Seattle while the boat is uninhabitable.  What was meant to be a short 1-2 week stint has turned into more than a month of waiting (and cursing US Customs for taking forever to clear the necessary parts required).


How do you get a 43 meter yacht on land? With one of these bad boys, of course.

At first it was great getting to stay in a huge house but as the weeks pass, all I want is to get back on the boat and into our old environment.  With so much space compared to the boat’s close quarters, it’s like we aren’t even in the same dwelling once dinner is over and everyone retreats to their rooms for the night.  Plus, everyone leaves during the day to do work on the boat, leaving E and I on our own for the majority of the day.  Who knew I’d find myself so eager to get back to our confined living space and my tiny crew cabin?  I’ll definitely miss the big bed I’ve grown so accustomed to though, that’s never going to change.

Hopefully in another week we’ll be back on the good ship lollipop and on our way back up to Canada! I fear Uncle Sam has noticed I’ve been in the US for quite some time now…

A glimpse of the culprits.

A glimpse of the culprits.


One response to “Wait, Where’s the Boat?

  1. Oh no! Hope you guys can get back on board soon. I worked on a megayacht as a dive instructor last Christmas and we got stuck in Florida for AGES after the zero speed stabilizer installation took two months longer than expected 😦

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