Yacht for Sale

My beloved mobile home has officially been on the market for a couple of months now.  What does this mean?  Well, any day we could find out it has sold and then we will all be like chickens with our heads cut off, scrambling around to clear any traces of our ever having lived on it.  More realistically however, it will probably be months and/or years before that happens.  This puts the crew in what some may call ‘limbo’.

I hate limbo.

The past few years I’ve enjoyed the adventure and reveled in a lifestyle that has taken me anywhere from one day to the next, but lately I’m changing tunes.  Not being able to make concrete plans is starting to get frustrating; I can’t even confirm the possibility of seeing a movie next weekend with my friends here in Perth.

Maybe it was the taste of routine I had this fall in Seattle and now again have been exposed to in Victoria.  Maybe this “routine” thing isn’t so terrible.  Maybe one day I could get used to it.  The grass is always greener, isn’t it?

For now, I’ll put those thoughts aside and enjoy these last few weeks in Perth.

…and cross my fingers that whether or not the boat sells today, tomorrow, or five years from now, good things are in store.

IMG_5129 2

Let’s not even get started on the prospect of having to change the entire focus of this blog…


6 responses to “Yacht for Sale

  1. i understand how you feel completely. ive spent the last 3 years with my life in limbo awaiting different visas here in norway. FINALLY…as of this past friday, did i get word that my final residence visa is processed. i feel like i can make plans in the future now (and not worry about not getting back in the country, etc etc). its such a burden off my shoulders.

    there are so many blogs out there that promote being a full-time nomad to people. but what they fail to say is that it is not for everyone. i travel quite often, but could never be a full-time traveler. i like my routine too much. i love having a job (although i work in the travel industry), i love having a gym membership, and i love my blender and juicer. 🙂 the good thing is that people can have both…and be a part-time traveler 🙂

    whatever ends up coming your way, im sure youll end up where youre supposed to be! good luck and enjoy the moment for now!

    • Well, even if the yacht sells, I’ll still have a job but ultimately it will depend a lot on what my employers (the captain and his wife, the first mate) have planned. My ultimate dream has always been to study at La Sorbonne in Paris, so that’s always been the next “plan” whenever I get to it.

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