Reunion Down Under

“Turns out not where but who you’re with that really matters.”

-Dave Matthews Band 


For some reason this quote has always stuck with me.  It could be for the fact that it is a personal favorite of a dear friend back home. Or perhaps it’s because I want to agree with it, yet I live a life that suggests the complete opposite.

The past few years for me have been all about the places.  I left all my friends and family back home to see the world and all it’s wonder as I was so drawn.  Leading up to my departure, I had a few acquaintances tell me that they would love to do the same, but would want to share the experiences with a loved one.  From my perspective, I didn’t have the patience to wait around for one such traveling partner; I wanted to go, and I wanted to go right then.

As such, it hasn’t always been easy, but it has damn well been life changing.  Plus, when you’re on your own, there’s no compromising; you get to see and do whatever you want!

All that being said, last week I had the great joy of reuniting with a friend from high school here in Perth for the first time in years.  When you’ve been away for so long and have learned to adapt to a continuous cycle of places and people, you forget how nice it can be to spend time with someone who knows you from your past.  The surprising ease with which these reunions occur can be so refreshing and I was ecstatic to have had such a reunion.

My friend is an avid traveler herself, and it was such a wonderful experience to share our tales from the road (or in my case, water) and also be able to discuss our lives back home and what it all has meant for us individually.  It was amazing to see that even years and miles apart can in fact bring two people together.  Plus, we spent the evening at the Perth Fringe Festival drinking wine and seeing an all male burlesque show, so you really can’t beat that!


Suzi and I with our fabulous friends for the evening

We have another couple of weeks to catch up and make some more memories together before we each jet off to our next destination (or port of call…) and that could not be more apropos.

So although right now I might be all about the places I’m seeing, reunions like this make me come around the the realization that maybe sometimes the people can in fact make the place.

Check out my friend Suzi’s travel blog at for more about her adventures 🙂


6 responses to “Reunion Down Under

  1. Hey!! I am excited just reading your blogs. Traveling has always been my deepest desire ..especially on a yacht. I left college in south carolina, to move to new york so i can work and save for my big move. That is to go after my dream in traveling. At first i didnt know what i could do possibly in travel and actually love what i do within it. I thought about becoming a flight attendent or going into themiltary but something just didnt sit right with me. So i did some more research and I came across this site on youtube, ever sincethen i am been more and more exctied about it . So i am deffiantly going to pursue and of course save for training. :D. Any advice?

    • Check out my post about how to get started in yachting for tips and advice for breaking into the yachting industry. If you put “Yachting: Where To Begin” in the search box on my page you should find it! By the way, how did you see my site specifically through youtube? Was it advertised? I hadn’t heard of anyone else finding it that was so I’m really curious!

  2. Well hello little Miss Arielle! I was helping a friend of mine who was looking for nanny jobs on yachts and stumbled upon your blog. I recognised your name immediately, of course, but where has that cherubic little angel with curly brown hair gone? your life sounds amazing! Linda and Wes must be sooo proud of you 🙂 What is little bro up to these days…now he was a handfull, haha!

    Hope you remember me so I don’t sound like a nutcase! Oh, and this blog is wonderful, I’d follow it even if you weren’t once one of “my” kids xx

    • HOW COULD I FORGET MY NANNY LISA?!?!?!? Of course I remember you (I also knew the name IMMEDIATELY)- I reference you all the time as I grow accustomed to this position I’ve found myself in… how crazy to be a nanny now myself! However, I don’t know if I’d ever call those chubby cheeks and horrible bob haircut “cherubic” haha. Things truly are going well on my end- from what I hear, Linda and Wes don’t have any complaints! Miles is working and spending the majority of his free time as a volunteer firefighter, working on turning it into his full time career. You wouldn’t believe the responsible side he has developed!

      I’m so glad you found me and I hope everything is going well for you too 🙂 xox

      • Yay! Thanks for the reply. So funny that you are a nanny now. Isn’t it the best job?

        Picturing responsible Miles in a firefighters outfit is cracking me up. He was hard work, but so lovable. Little bugger! Remember when my poor cousin took over my job? Miles bit her so she bit him back, she didn’t last long, haha!

        Another great nanny memory from your household is when one of you left an Easter egg out and your dog ate it. What was his/her name? Poor thing had the caffeine shakes fror hours.

        Love to you and yours xxx

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadventure timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    A great blog and a fun read, thank you. At least now I’m more certain about what I don’t want to do in life, without having to spend time trying out. I’d be bored to death with all the excitement for sure.

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