Three Reasons I Won’t Miss Perth

There are a myriad of reasons why i’ll miss Perth, a place that has become like a second home to me.  I’ll miss the weather, the sunsets, our lovely apartment with it’s incredible views… okay i’ll stop; a myriad is an awful lot after all, and this is merely a blog post.  However, there are a few factors about life in Perth that I won’t miss (not one single bit) when I leave.


Iced coffee

At the risk of sounding like a whiny, pretentious western douchebag (we’re talking about coffee, so I guess that’s a difficult task), for the life of me, I can not find a decent iced coffee in this city.  For a place as hot as Perth, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to get a basic iced coffee without any frills.  If it’s a milkshake you’re after with a splash of caffeine, then you’ll have no problem, but go into any coffee shop here (of which there are plenty) and you’ll be hard pressed to find a cup of joe below face melting temperatures.  It might seem like a trivial reason not to like a place, but you just don’t mess with a girl and her iced coffee, am I right?

iced coffee

I can already see you fitting in quite nicely with the rest of my muffin top, you saucy minx.

It’s EXPENDO (ahem, expensive)

I couldn’t resist throwing in a little Aussie slang for ya.  Anyway, $12.99 for a half punnet of raspberries. TWELVE NINETY NINE. An avocado? Five bucks.  Even at the Fringe festival event I attended, the MC joked about finding limes on sale for $18 for a pop at the local Woolies.  Near the end of our stay, it was getting to the point where my days off of work were terrifying for my wallet.  For the most isolated city in the world, I suppose it makes sense that things would cost a fair amount more, but I’m just happy the Aussie dollar was down during this past stay.  I mean, even a McDonald’s, excuse me, “Maccas” meal can cost you over ten dollars. MCDONALD’S, y’all.


Everything closes SO early

Living in the heart of the city, I have grown to understand that it is a commuter town and as such, stores have little incentive to stay open much past 9-5 weekday working hours.  However, I spent the last Saturday of my visit in Fremantle walking around and discovered that even on the weekend, well out of the city, shops were closing their doors before the clock even struck five. How am I supposed to buy my overpriced produce and sugar and fat laden caffeinated beverage for an early evening pick me up?!


I hate to say it (no really, I do) but get me back to the boat in North America, STAT.


At least it's pretty...

At least it’s pretty…

3 responses to “Three Reasons I Won’t Miss Perth

  1. This is SO spot on! The ice cream in ice coffee?! I dont get it I just want icy cold coffee not a milk shake , so bizarre , good thing theyre only 10 bucks a pop . Love your blog and your writing style!
    -savanna, perth/canada

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