Working in such an enigmatic industry, I get a lot of questions on an almost daily basis.  Here I’ll address some of those questions and attempt to answer the best I can!

What yacht do you work on?

Only my personal friends and family know the answer to this one because although I share a lot publicly on this site and on my public facebook page, for security reasons and general confidentiality, I like to keep it private.  Sorry!

Who owns the boat?

Try again, my friend.  Almost any yacht crew of which you ask this question will have to politely decline or otherwise awkwardly deflect.  One of the reasons owners have yachts in the first place is for the privacy.  So please, the next time you are curious, get on google and try to see what you can dig up for yourself instead (it often won’t be much).

How did you get this job?

Okay, FINALLY one I can answer.  For a detailed account of how to get a job like mine check out this post.  Basically it entails getting a certification and a lot of creativity and persistence!

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