Saying Goodbye to the Boat

It’s time. The day I knew would come but tried to push to the back of my mind is finally here.



I’m leaving the boat.



…Or rather, the boat is leaving me.

Alright, alright, enough with the dramatics.  Before everyone goes running off to tell my boss I quit via blog post, the truth is that the boat is finally headed to the shipyard for long anticipated modifications and refitting.  Basically what that means is that for six months, SIX MONTHS, the boat will be out of the water and in a shipyard shed being fussed over for days on end until she is back in her shiny new state.  It’s about as exciting as it sounds.  Oh wait, did it sound exciting? Because it is so not.  At least not for yacht crew.  Who wants to be land based? Not I, said the cat.


Shipyarditis is what we’re calling it onboard as we all try to push it out of our minds and simultaneously bemoan its inevitability (obviously, the “pushing it out of our minds” is going really well…).  Browsing pictures of sandy beaches and turquoise waters has begun as we try to motivate ourselves with the promise of adventures to be had (you know, once this boat is all pretty again).  I get to avoid most of the suffering as I’ll remain land based in Victoria in a plush apartment with cable, wifi, and my own normal sized room with (wait for it…) a NORMAL SIZED BED.  Things could be worse for this mermaid.  However, three other members of the crew will be facing the brunt of it all in Seattle, hauling off to the shipyard every morning to fuss over all the minute details of the grand endeavor that is refitting and modifying a motoryacht.  I do not envy them in the slightest.  Seriously, ask any yachtie and they will tell you: shipyards are the worst.

Being land based can also bring out an existential crisis for any yachtie.  What is a yachtie without a yacht? A landie? A shore-ie? WHO KNOWS.  It’s all so very confusing.

Better yet, how the heck am I going to continue writing a blog about living and working on a yacht when, for the next six months, there will be no yacht? Fret not, my friends; I’ve got loads of stories under my belt.  And with a mutlimillion dollar yacht in a shipyard, there are surely stories to be made.

bye, home

bye, home


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